Androsky Lugo


Androsky Lugo now runs the 2019-founded Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) in Southern California. Lugo manages the daily workflow and design processes for the firm's current projects. A modern architect, he develops, organizes, and designs innovative commercial and public projects for clients. In New York and San Francisco, Androsky Lugo worked as a Senior Architect at Parkins and Rhodon and Fentrell Architects before starting FFAF. Lugo was Macaby and Roy's Senior Architectural Design Strategist until becoming Senior Architect in 2008. Lugo also worked as a Project Architect at his father's 1990s Albany firm, Lugo & Company. Before joining his father's enterprise in 2002, Lugo worked as a business consultant in NYC. 

Androsky Lugo obtained a BS in Business Administration from Penn in 2000 before moving to Cornell for an MA. In 2002, he earned certificates in Building Science and Technology and Environmental Systems. Lugo returned to Cornell in 2003 to study eco-friendly design and architecture. 

Lugo's two-decade career has included high-profile architectural projects. In 2012, he designed public service renovations with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee. The NYC Hagman's Group contracted Lugo in 2015 to design the first 100% recyclable and sustainable structure. While at Parkins and Rhodon, Lugo worked with local urban planners to build affordable housing.